5 Ways to Sell Your Home

Atlanta Homebuyers Realty Group take pride in informing our sellers of several options they can choose from when it comes to listing real estate in Georgia. Read below to see which option works best for you.

1. Sell Your Home AS IS

If you are low on money for repairs, do not fret. Sellers can still place their homes on the market AS IS and still make money.

2. List Your Home and Sell for Top Dollar

To get the highest price for your home, sellers will need to consider replacing the carpet or flooring throughout, painting the interior and exterior of the home, updating and installing stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops in the kitchen and bathrooms, replacing outdated light fixtures, and replacing the roof, if necessary. Doing these repairs, and more, will almost always ensure that you get top dollar for your home.

3. Sell Fast Because You are Facing Hardship

If you are facing hardship and need to sell your home quickly, your options may include a short sale, quit claim deed or deed in lieu of foreclosure. These three options require professional expertise from a real estate professional. Because there are many layers involved, in-depth dialogue is required to determine which option is in the best interest of the seller.

4. Have Someone Take Over Your Late Mortgage Payments

If you are behind on your mortgage, you can protect your credit by avoiding foreclosure and have someone take over your mortgage payments. This usually involves a buyer taking over your payments or catching up the arrears which, in turn, improves your credit score over time. Sellers using this option can walk away from the home knowing the mortgage payments will be paid on time and knowing they will avoid foreclosure, saving their credit.

5. Sell Your Rental Property

There is nothing like having a tenant that lives in your property, but never pays the rent. On the other hand, there are instances where landlords decide they can no longer manage their rental properties and are forced to sell. If you have bad tenants or an absentee owner, or a landlord who'd like to retire, right now is the idea time to sell your investment properties. Whether single family homes or commercial properties, AHRG can help. AHRG can also assist with the eviction process and help landlords liquidate their assets fast.

Lisa W. Jefferson is a Georgia Real Estate Broker with 20 years of experience under her belt. She is "blessed to be a blessing" and dedicated to helping the community stay educated on home buying, home selling, and investing. You can get the guide Take Charge! Buying & Selling Real Estate.