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Atlanta Homebuyers Realty Group understands how important it is to be "in the know" as a buyer or seller, and, sometimes, that means taking matters into your own hands by searching the web from end to end. That's why we're happy to provide you with the tools you need to search for an agent, find prospective properties, estimate your mortgage, repair your credit, create a plan for buying the new home of your dreams, and much more, so that you don't have to look too far. Before diving into the AHRG Blog, take a moment to read about our Broker.



Lisa Wilson Jefferson has been a full-time real estate professional for 20 years. During this time, she has accumulated a wealth of knowledge, which she strives to use to educate people in her immediate community and beyond. Since the beginning of her career, Lisa's goal has always been to ensure that home ownership was possible for all families. Read below to hear from Lisa in her own words.

"Knowledge is power! Most successful people build their wealth by buying and selling real estate. My goal is to help families who lack this knowledge understand the steps involved in the real estate transaction. For a family that has stable employment, a consistence income, and is committed to paying their bills on time; understanding how to buy and sell real estate can easily become the building block to creating wealth for themselves and their family.

There is nothing more enjoyable for me than explaining the benefits of owning a home to prospective buyers. When individuals finally have that "light bulb moment," that truly makes all the difference to me! My goal is to always be a blessing to others by sharing the knowledge and wisdom I've gained over the years about the beauty of buying and selling real estate."

Lisa Wilson Jefferson, Broker/Owner

Atlanta Homebuyers Realty Group, Real Estate Consultant Agency Lisa Jefferson, Broker/Owner



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